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You may think that nothing lasts forever, but our new monograms will be here to stay. Why not to put your initials on your jewelry box? You will definitely fall in love with the vintage style and three classy colors of lettering which gives every box a touch of elegance.
We keep the collection fresh by constantly brainstorming new color combinations, techniques of monogramming, and styles of fonts. We love mixing and matching different colors! You can always find a perfect combo for you or design a box by yourself.
Our designs are made by hand, and we are perfectionists when it comes to the quality of your jewelry box. Our attention to detail ensure that your piece will be handled with care throughout the process, from our studio to your hands. We can make any box you dream!.

Our story

We have a small close-knit team of creatives working on your velvet jewelry boxes every day. But Yana, our founder, didn't always have a team working behind her! As with any good small business story, Voeu Du Coeur started with humble beginnings.

Yana found herself in making velvet ring boxes just for fun. Very quickly, she realized that this was her passion and her future. A craft that started as Yana's hobby has now become a business with a dedicated team of creatives, designers, stylists, photographers and client liaisons behind her. A dream job came true!

In an industry that is constantly evolving, we are eager to continue to learn, adapt, grow, and experiment with our handcrafted jewelry boxes line.

Our studio is located in the city center of Dnipro, Ukraine. There, every week, we are working tirelessly together to make your online ordering experience seamless, and to provide you with a selection of delicate jewelry boxes that will express your unique style in a lovely, timeless way.

At Voeu Du Coeur, our first priority is quality. Our team of jewelry box makers work together in our studio to carefully execute each design from start to finish. Yana spends many hours a week alongside her team to ensure that each and every piece is perfect. This care and attention during the making process ensures that your precious jewelry box will arrive glittering beautifully, and will hold up over time.

Our pieces are handmade one by one using the most magnificent silk velvet that we can find. Because we are using unique color combinations, we do sell out of favorites sometimes, but there is always something new on the horizon! That is why we can say that our boxes are made with great care and love for the craft, from our hands to yours..

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