A little chit-chat with…

Jana Brusch, owner of Le Nuage, photographer and photo retoucher, talks us through eco-friendly bridal accessories, magic and feathers.

How did Le Nuage come about?
Years ago when my sister was was looking around for dresses and bridal coverups her wedding in Europe we realized that there is not much of a choice when it comes to bridal cover-ups. We wanted to find something that is gorgeous, feminine, stylish and she could wear after her wedding day as well. We couldn’t find what she had imagined, so and she ended up having it custom made.
For me, the vision of Le Nuage was born and this was the day I started researching how to make this dream come true.
What’s the story behind the name?
Le Nuage luxe means luxurious cloud in French. I chose the name because these pieces are so soft and fluffy, they remind me of clouds.
Describe Le Nuage in a sentence.
Luxurious Bridal wear reimagined to make every woman feel like a whimsical goddess. We specialize in custom up-cycled feather and fur bridal accessories like jackets, capes and cover ups as well and some unique ostrich feather clutches focusing on making your look stylish and sustainable. …Ok, this was already two sentences;)
What is your mission with your brand?

My goal when creating the label Le Nuage was to create the perfect garment that is a piece of art, full of magic that can elevate any look and the best thing about these pieces is their diversity. I want every woman to feel like a whimsical goddess. By created flattering shapes, and pairing them with gorgeous colors we are able to cater to women’s individual styles. A key consideration was to make sure that after the big day, these pieces can be worn as statement pieces and will become your go to garments for years to come with no rules and no boundaries.

What started out as bridal wear and it became so much more. We added more colors, more styles and soon the couture collection is launching with delicate custom hand beaded details.

Most importantly, we proudly acknowledge that we source our feathers and furs from suppliers that fit within the ethical guidelines set by the International Fur Federation. All raw materials are either surplus or secondary products from the food trade. While everyone thinks feathers don’t way much, with the amount of poultry produced in the US alone annually, the volume of feathers is considerable. 2-3 billion pounds of feathers are produced that end up in landfills adding to the massive solid waste problem. Why not recycle and create some luxurious garments from these feathers and furs. Some think faux fur is the solution, but in the process of making faux furs, they use highly toxic chemicals and once these garments are disposed of, they end up filling up landfills because they are not bio-degradable.
What do you love about what you do?
I get to create gorgeous pieces of art every day, and make people feel amazing when wearing them. I love seeing the reaction of a bride unwrapping their custom feather jacket, or cape and see the smile on their faces and the sparkles in their eyes when they think about walking down the isle wearing their dream dress and jacket to create the perfect outfit on a perfect day.
What’s your favorite era?
Can I choose two?
The sultry sixties’ and the old Hollywood glamour of the ‘50s.
What’s your secret power?
I am a woman, a mom and boss babe. What’s yours:)
What’s your favorite quote?
I love quotes and have them all around my office to keep me inspired.
Some are: 
“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”  – Roald Dahl
“It’s not enough to have feather, you must dare to fly!”
“She believed she could, so she did.”
How would you describe your style in life and your work?
I am a workaholic but because I love what I do, I don’t feel like I am working all the time. (My husband might disagree) When I finally emerge from my studio, and it is hard to stop because I have so many ideas and so many things that need to be done, I am most likely wearing my glasses, hair in a bun and covered in feathers.
For my personal style: If I had to describe it in 3 words, I would say casual, boho & chic. My favorite colors are white and gold. I love to accessorize. I am obsessed with textures and the ocean, shells and the beach. I am working on a new jewelry collection that will represent this fondness for the ocean. 
“Clothes are’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.”

What do you think are the latest wedding trends?
I see a trend in more edgy and darker wedding colors like deep burgundy and rusty orange. This is particularly interesting, since moodier accents are in direct contrast with the romantic blush décor, soft textures, and bright photography that’s dominated the wedding scene in recent years. I am happy to see couples become more adventurous with color palettes.

Also I see a trend for incorporating velvet. Which makes me very happy because we just launched a new style. It is a gorgeous blush pink velvet bomber style jacket with “Wifey” written on the back. It is such a soft and adorable jacket. Every bride needs one of these!

As for bridal gown trends: Glitter (which makes me personally very happy, because honestly, who doesn’t like a little sparkle in their life) and bows are making a big comeback as well as geometric patterns.

Feather boleros, and we are not talking about feather boas, ladies! Ostrich feather boleros and capes are a fashion-forward way to cover up and make a statement on your big day. Or any day!