Festive Inspiration

Going through the holidays is like being a kid yet again! New Year no longer seems a long way away, and I can’t help getting excited about the prospect of putting up the decorations. I remember how I loved the holiday season and begged my parents to keep the Christmas tree up well into January….

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Color of the Year

  This fall|winter  season our color statements are diverse. Beiges embrace glamour and move to becoming a new symbol of luxury. Greys bring a new face to our color selection and emerge more clearly. Reds are rich and passionate. Purples are deep and intriguing. Blues universal appeal means it has everything to offer this season….

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A few things you should know about…

Yana Anokhina, owner of Voeu Du Coeur, talks us through life, style and velvet. How did Vœu Du Cœur come about?  I took up a hobby and Voeu Du Coeur emerged, more or less by chance. It was a vocation and now it is my life’s work. What’s the story behind the name?  There was a…

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The secret life of colors

Voeu Du Coeur is like Wisteria Lane – an ideal place for colors to thrive and to fall in love with. All families have their secrets. Out of the blue our timeless favorites Niagara and Frosted Almond decided to go off on holiday. They took a leave because they are out of stock. “C’est la…

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Forever and Always

You don’t have to be a fictional character to have an iconic wedding , right? Every girl deserves to have a Chuck Bass or a Mr Big by her side. Your engagement ring deserves to have the most adorable box. Whether you are a Lady Mary or a Carrie Bradshaw, your best day ever is…

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Oh my ring!

Oh my box ! One of the most anticipated seasons not only for weather but for fashion is in full swing. Today we take a closer look at five unique rings demonstrated at the recent Sotheby’s Jewels Online. Delicate interplays of colors on the rings take on a hint of gentleness and luminosity, with an…

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Live in color

July is the perfect time to enjoy the colorful schemes of nature and the wonderful aromas of fresh flowers that remind us of the simple joys. We are inviting you to an experience of memorable insights to uplift your life. After all, it is all about loving life and everything it has to offer us…

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The power of your initial

Every relationship is unique. Every wedding should be one-of-a-kind. Your wedding should reflect the two of you as a couple. It is an expression of your personalities, and reveals much about you and your lives. Yet with so much inspiration being thrown at you on how to achieve a Pinterest-perfect wedding, it can be easy…

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