The secret life of colors

Voeu Du Coeur is like Wisteria Lane – an ideal place for colors to thrive and to fall in love with.

All families have their secrets.

Out of the blue our timeless favorites Niagara and Frosted Almond decided to go off on holiday.

They took a leave because they are out of stock.

“C’est la vie!”, we said and welcomed new magnificent colors to our bright family.

“Bonjour!” to Champagne Beige, Warm Taupe, Royal Blue and Sapphire Blue!

Today we’ll get a glimpse of our newcomers.

First on our list is Royal Blue.

It’s bold, confident and versatile.

You will fall head over heels in love with it.

This color will revive your forgotten dreams.

Would you like to excite everyone with the beautiful home for your ring?

Go fot it.

Another vibrant color this season is Sapphire Blue!

Sapphire can seem as another bold pick, yet it signifies determination and balance.

It can be a great addition to any of your rings.

It’s such an eye savoring color.

Let your inner fashionista shine!

Our palette is not complete without more muted and neutral colors.

Champagne Beige is calm and relaxing.

It offers the coolness of the color white and the warmth of the brown.

Spiritual connection between your ring and this box will evolve.

It’s simple but stylish.

Warm Taupe is a sophisticated color.

It evokes a sense of history and elegance.

It’s the color of perfection.

Let the ring shine bright in the Warm Taupe box.

Why is it so delicious?

They are mesmerizing, unique and elegant.

Everyone has a story to be told.

Are you ready to destill the secrets of color families?

Stay tuned!