Festive Inspiration

Going through the holidays is like being a kid yet again!
New Year no longer seems a long way away, and I can’t help getting excited about the prospect of putting up the decorations.

I remember how I loved the holiday season and begged my parents to keep the Christmas tree up well into January. There was always this excitement in the air! People rushing and getting ready to celebrate and spend time together as a family.

There aren’t many things that inspire me to reminisce about old times, but family photos and love stories give me so many of the same feelings as winter holidays.

I’ll tell you a story. Once upon a time Alex met Natalie. In two weeks they got married. Sounds surreal? Yes! And very exciting, as A&N are my beloved parents. They got married at New Year’s Eve and celebrated their love in the most wonderful time of the year.

Winter weddings are utterly magical and romantic, right?

They did not have a huge guest list but a warm and cozy gathering was sure to create wonderful memories.

Back then mom thought she had no wedding heirloom.

But… Look at these baubles!

To everyone else outside of our family, they are just « all those guys from the Christmas decorations box ». But, to my family they’re so much more than ordinary baubles.

Firstly, my grandma passed them to my mom to decorate the newlyweds’ New Year tree.

Some of the decorations are twice older than me, and these vintage treasures warm my heart every time I see or touch them.

Each bauble is the years and the memories and the conversations that happened while decorating the tree.

It is the hopes, the dreams, the laughs, the tears, and the good times.

Sometimes we have visions of moments — years before they actually happen.

I know what can be my wedding heirloom: a bauble from secret family collection and the ringbox which I’ll design myself.

The most amazing thing is that you can also make your own memories by getting something new and saving it to become an heirloom within your family.

Sounds like a New Year Resolution for 2019.
Let’s create memories together!